Document your construction work in 3 steps

Using Digital Quality Assurance to document your work is easier than you might think.

It does not have to be difficult to get started using Digital Quality Assurance in your daily work. When using a Quality system, it should be a help and not an obstacle for you. In fact, we say Digital Quality Assurance in three steps is all you will need.

Digital Quality Assurance in three steps - overview

Document your construction work in three steps – let’s take a look at the steps

Digital Quality Assurance in three steps starts with registration


When you are out on the construction site, you can handle your quality assurance tasks directly on your smartphone or tablet. Through Inspectly, you have access to all the relevant information that you need to be able to perform your task.
After you have completed your work, your quality assurance is stored directly in the system. Thus, the project manager always has the latest data, directly from the construction site.

You can also register Digital Quality Assurance offline.

Should it happen that you are in an area without the mobile signal, you can still record your work well done. It is now stored on your smartphone or tablet. When you are again in a place with signal, you can upload your data to the central system, without loss of registrations.

Document your construction work with QA
Document your construction work
Digital Quality Assurance in three steps and next it's journalization


By creating a project with both task description, drawings, checklists and at the same time attaching relevant employees, the project manager has a constant overview of the work that is done on the construction site and subsequently journaling becomes a breeze.

In the office, the work tasks are continuously journaled and at the same time it is ensured that the latest documents are always available on the construction site. Inspectly also makes it easy if it becomes necessary to perform extra work – you can create the task with a price, send the offer to the customer, and get approval in the same system. So you do not miss out on revenue due to a forgotten authentication when you use a digital quality assurance system like Inspectly.

Digital Quality Assurance in three steps ends with creating a report


When the project is completed, the customer must have documentation of your work.
With Inspectly, it is done with one click, because all your data already are in the system. This means you do not have to spend valuable time creating a report when your customer ask for one. The report has already been created, the project manager just needs to press send.

If your customer wants to keep up!

If you need to, you can give your customer access to follow the project. In that way, your customer always are informed about everything that is happening. Of course, it is up to you just how much the customer can see. You can control it all through Inspectlys ProjektWeb.

Get an overview of your projects with QA

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There are many benefits to a Digital Quality Assurance- especially with Inspectly

When you choose a Digital Quality Assurance solution with us, you have chosen one of the most user-friendly systems, which means that you are up and running quickly and we ensure you always follow the regulations for the correct handling of Digital Quality Assurance.

  • When you’re on the construction site, it’s easy to handle your Digital Quality Assurance – it’s just a few clicks, then you’re up and running.
  • It is possible for you to give builders and consultants access to their project in Digital Quality Assurance – it gives them security while errors and shortcomings are discovered faster.
  • You can create an unlimited number of subcontractors.
  • The best thing is that you have a complete overview of the administration system in Inspectly.

Ensures high quality in construction and services.


One click from generating a full report.


Structure in projects and journalization.


Save time on your projects.


Tested by companies like yours.


Full scalable solution.

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