Photo Documentation made easy & why you will benefit from using it

3 reasons why you should use photo documentation
  • Documents at your fingertips
  • Complete control of your documents
  • Tried and trusted system, used across Europe

Get all documents in one system with Photo Documentation

Photo Documentation is made easy with Inspectly, because here you have all your documentation gathered in one system.
You can easily and simply create projects/customers while ensuring a good overview of all your work.

You can add floor plans to your projects and mark where your photo documentation was made.  To your documentation you can add:

  • Pictures
  • Sketches
  • Dictations
  • Notes

When you want to create a PDF for a customer, you can do that directly in the Inspectly app, with pictures, notes, sketches, or dictation. When your project is done, you can generate a complete PDF with all your registrations.

With the Inspectly Photo Documentation you no longer need paper, pens or create unstructured pictures. Everything is in one place and an integrated part of your workday, a trusted toolbox and makes it easy for you to create a digital report.

3 reason to use Photo Documentation

Everything in one place

All your documentation is gathered in one place and you can keep track of your projects/customers from one system, where information about each customer/project are individual stored in one folder. This gives you a good overview of both the construction site and your office.

Time-saving and user-friendly

It is quick and simple to get started with Inspectly and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to use.
You will save time on reporting and documentation, because all your data is stored in one place.

Quick and easy report generation

A report is only one click away. Since all your data are stored in Inspectly you can create a report with just one click. All you need to decide is whether your report should be generated as a PDF or Excel file.

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