Prevent construction mistakes at the site with an easy-to-use quality management tool

Sadly, mistakes happen and it’ll cost you extra work hours and delay the deadline.

With Inspectly you can plan your project and make sure ongoing construction work is well documented through the entire building process.

It does not have to be difficult to get started using Inspectly in your daily work. When using a quality management system as Inspectly, it should be a help and not an obstacle for you. Inspectly is made with and for the construction industry for the onsite construction professionals.

Inspectly explained in 1 minute!

Inspectly supports construction professionals’ daily routines

With Inspectly we have created a system that works for you and not against you. After setting up your construction project and invited the users to the project the Inspectly app will be a perfect companion alongside the ongoing construction work. 



Every registration will easily be documented with the app and seconds later the project lead will see the registration in the project administration.



The Project Manager can easily follow the construction progress and get the “feel” if the construction is on track or any hold-ups. If there is any need to update documents and descriptions relevant to the onsite professionals, this will be easily done with Inspectly’s document sharing platform.



It’s easy to create reports. Often you need to deliver a report to your customer or others relevant to the project. Setting up the report is easy and every time you need a report you do it with one click – simple and easy!

It’s got to be simple!

Although Inspectly is a full-blown quality management system we know from customers that IT HAS TO BE EASY making registrations onsite. 

That’s why we have made it possible to make a note in multiple ways:

  • Take a picture
  • Take multiple images at once
  • Write a note
  • Dictate a note
  • Speak a note

It’s all about making it simple for the onsite staff and if the user had made a speaking note, this will create a link in the report so the client or other relevant party can listen to the information.

Your first days with Inspectly.

Get started today.

You can get started with Inspectly today. We have prepared guides and introductions directly in Inspectly, which ensures that you already have knowledge of the system after the first login.

We all learn differently, and therefore you can dive into help articles, video guides and you will also activate virtual guides directly in Inspectly, so you are guided while using and setting up the system for your needs.

With these areas we will help you get started with Inspectly:

Help articles

Video guides

Guides in Inspectly

``Get started`` program

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