3 reasons to use Digital Photo Documentation

3 reasons why you should use photo documentation
When you are using a Digital Photo Documentation system you get huge benefits from day one. 
As we see it, there are 3 main reasons to choose a Digital Photo Documentation system – as Inspectly.

Reason #1 – Quick and Easy 

With Inspectly, photo documentation is both quick and easy. In the app, you can pinpoint your location, take one or several photos, annotate your images and add sketches – all within one process.  

All documented? Easy integration to the administration system makes uploading your documentation a breeze!  

Reason #2 – Everything is centralized 

Have you ever spent lots of time looking for documentation? No more!  

Digitalizing your photo documentation with Inspectly will mean you know exactly where everything is, all the time.  

App to administration system integration, coupled with an intuitive project structure allows you to easily find the relevant documentation. 

Reason #3 – Paperwork is so last year 

Get rid of that pesky paperwork! With the built-in report generator, printing detailed documentation reports is easy.  

Select the information you want to include, press the button, voila report generated.  

This way, keeping your developer in the loop becomes a piece of cake.  

Sounds too complicated? Not at allGetting started with Inspectly is… 

It is just as easy as 1, 2, 3

– get started today!


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Honestly, don’t just rely on what we’re telling you – test it for yourself!

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