Collaborating with Niras has created the perfect tool for safety walk-arounds

Niras is one of Denmark’s leading consultant engineering companies in the construction industry. They are a customer of Inspectly and have been since January 2016. They are currently using Inspectly for the project Det Nye Universitetshospital in Aarhus (The New University Hospital in Aarhus).

Olivier Grand, work environment coordinator at Niras, agreed to an interview with Inspectly in the midst of inspecting the construction site. Olivier is responsible for the safety walks in the project of DNU, and he had the following thoughts to share regarding his collaboration with Inspectly.

Why did you choose Inspectly?

My colleague Jens and I were given the task to search the market for solutions for efficient and effective systems for safety walks.

At that point, we were already using another IT system but found that it did not live up to the expectations and needs of our company. We ended up contacting and meeting four providers.

Ultimately our choice fell on Inspectly due to multiple reasons. In short, I guess you could say that Inspectly was present in the right place at the right time. At the same time, we were pleasantly surprised by the lower price of Inspectly’s system and solutions, and the fact that we would be able to reach out to their support team if needed.

What was your work routine like before Inspectly?

Before starting with digital tools for safety walks, we were using the traditional method of paper and pen.

We were spending way too much time on paperwork after doing the safety walks and wanted a system that could help us cut down on time spent as well as making the process more efficient and transparent. With Inspectly we do save a lot of time, especially since the reports can be exported and printed instantly in the system.

After starting our collaboration with Inspectly, our previous provider has reached out with the intention of having a conversation about feature development, but we ended up declining as our collaboration with Inspectly is fulfilling all of our needs.

What benefits have you gained by using Inspectly?

A clear benefit of using Inspectly has from the very beginning been its flexibility and modernity. Along the way, we have had mentioned some wishes for improvements that would suit our needs even better, and Inspectly has been listening and doing their best to meet these requests.

Many of our wishes have been implemented – and if it was not possible, we always received an explanation as to why that was the case. We are still developing, but we are quite satisfied and do feel that all of our needs are met – and together, we have ended up with the perfect tool for safety walks.

In our experience, most other systems often focus on only defects, but we were in need of the entire package for safety walks – and that is what we got with Inspectly.

What is the most significant strength of Inspectly?

The most valuable aspect of Inspectly is definitely the ability to properly listen to the specific needs we have as a company. It is as easy as calling the helpful Inspectly support.

We have often been in touch with your colleague, Benjamin. He is great at listening and then incorporating our wishes into the following solutions, either by customising right away or mentioning it at the next developer meeting.

The willingness to continuously develop the system to exactly suit Niras’ wishes has by far been the most important strength.

Olivier Grand
Work Environment Coordinator, Niras

Do not hesitate with contacting us if you have any questions about our solution for Niras.

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