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Successful integration between Inspectly and the intranet of Malmos

Our customer, Malmos A/S, is Denmark’s largest landscape gardener for new landscaping cases. The company utilises Inspectly for their quality assurance and control. An integration between their intranet and Inspectly has been made, ensuring that projects created in the company’s intranet are also automatically created in Inspectly. To reflect on the integration and value of Inspectly, an interview with CFO and Head of IT at Malmos, Michael Gøthche, took place.

Was it an informed decision to digitalise the quality assurance of Malmos?

We had been through a rather long process in Malmos, during which we were considering various options for digitalising our quality assurance and control. Our requirements for our work processes are very high, and we also wish for our quality assurance to be at the same level. The best way to do this is by streamlining the quality control and digitalising the process.

Why did you decide on Inspectly for your system?

I met Inspectly at DI Byggeri’s IT convention two years ago and thought back then that the system seemed like an ideal solution for our production. We wanted to find a system that was simple and user-friendly for our employees working in the field, while at the same time being usable with both Android and iOS operating systems – and this is the case for Inspectly. The system’s reports for customers have a nicely designed layout and structure, which means we can send the material to clients and advisors in good faith right away.

How were your work processes previously?

Previously, we were mainly using MS Word and Excel for structuring reports, and this was naturally a very complicated mix-and-match process. Ensuring that every registration and document were included was quite a task.

Now, the Inspectly system has removed this aspect and automatised the process for us. We can share images much more easily, and we do not have to worry about losing the one USB stick containing important documents. The result is easy setups and more professional print-outs – and ultimately more satisfied customers.

When did the idea of integrating emerge?

As the system was being implemented and utilised in our production, we identified the need for expanding and utilising some of the features that are also present in our green team. This is why we reached out to you and were introduced to how Inspectly could accommodate our needs and wishes in this segment of our business.

The solution ended up being an integration of your API in our intrasystem, so projects created in it would automatically also be created in Inspectly. With this integration we can avoid creating both cases in both places, i.e. twice, and thus our administrative tasks have been eased.

We have had checklist templates made that are connected to various types of cases. The templates simplify the process of adding or removing aspects of the case, while also making the quality control simple for our green team. These standard checklists are also created automatically when the case is created.

Has the system been living up to your expectations?

Yes, it certainly has. The most important aspect for us has been the great collaboration with you regarding the integration. It is evident that you put in a lot of effort and spent time on understanding our needs, and thus also giving us qualified and informed replies to our requests. Your head of development has replied to emails quickly throughout the process, and this made the task of successfully creating the integration much more manageable for our IT-employee.

If you are looking for a similar solution for your business, you are more than welcome to contact us to hear more about the possibilities for an integration.

Michael Gøthche
CFO and Head of IT at Malmos

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