The easiest registration tool for
contractors and craftsmen on-site

With Inspectly, builders and contractors get tools to document work and provide
structure during audits and inspections throughout the entire construction process
  • Easy registration in mobile app
  • Project managers can follow the project in real time
  • One-click report generator for a complete building file
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Take control of your construction projects with easy-to-use QA tools


Inspectly covers all your needs in quality management and makes setting up projects, collaborating, and reporting an easy part of the construction process – from creating the project to the final report.


Create and save your own forms and checklists


Manage subcontractors


Mark registrations on floor plans and drawings


Detailed inspection planning


One-click generated complete building files


Works anywhere, even offline

With Inspectly, you are sure to take control of your quality management. Through efficiency and effectiveness, you will gain insight into your QA processes and ultimately save time and lower costs – and throughout the process, you can get all the help necessary to help you succeed.

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Inspectly creates value for you


The purpose of Inspectly is to make everyday tasks and quality assurance within the construction industry easier and more efficient for you and your colleagues. Because of our numerous collaborations with many contractors in recent years, we have developed powerful IT solutions to improve your quality assurance and ultimately bring value to your company.


Ensure top quality in construction and services

Inspectly’s mission is to support the construction industry and help individual contractors with improving work processes. For this reason, we are always listening and keep developing solutions that support your everyday quality control.


Prevent mistakes across your projects

With Inspectly, you will save time initially due to the process of on-site registrations being done quickly and efficiently. However, the real value is long-term and comes from gaining insight into your quality control processes to prevent mistakes before they happen, ultimately sparing you from costly reparations.


Fully scalable solution

Inspectly is flexible and configurable and can thus be customised to your specific needs. There is no lock-in period, and you can upgrade and downgrade modules as needed.


Tested by companies like yours

Inspectly has been thoroughly tested by entrepreneurial companies in more than 40.000 construction projects across many nations.

Our development team is in daily dialogue with companies like yours to continuously improve the Inspectly system to be the perfect tool for you.


One click away from generating a full report

With Inspectly, you are always just one click away from generating a full report of your construction project.

You can create templates in the printout designer exactly to your liking, ensuring that your reports will have the same look and overview.


Keep documents and drawings organised and up to date

When using Inspectly, the distance between office and construction site is short since all communication and documentation is controlled directly on the Inspectly platform. Organising documents in the system ensures that no information is lost, and that you and your colleagues always are working with the most recent documents and drawings.

Start today with help from the Inspectly Team

Inspectly is very user-friendly and easy to setup so you can get started with the system right away. We have designed guides and introductions on the platform that will help you get familiarised with the system from your very first log-in.

Since everyone learns differently, we have created multiple support options for you to choose from – you will activate virtual guides on the Inspectly platform as you set up and progress through the system, or you can deep dive into help articles or watch video guides for more information. Our very capable support team is always ready and happy to help you with any question or issue you might have.

The Inspectly helpdesk includes

Help articles


Intro programme


Unlimited support


Video guides


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In-system guides

A system to cover every need
– no matter where you are

Inspectly is designed with centralisation in mind such that the company has full ownership of all information. Instead of dealing with organising physical registrations on paper, registrations done with Inspectly are journalised and uploaded to the central system, ensuring that no information is lost.

The system is designed to ensure that the distance between office and construction site is as short as possible. Because of this, the system can make sure that only relevant aspects of a construction project are shown to a given role.

Project and quality managers

The system grants project managers a complete overview of the construction project and its processes, and serves as a tool for delegating tasks to builders and for easy one-click report generation throughout the project lifecycle.It helps making sure that on-site registrations and inspections follow company guidelines, and thus quality control and assurance.

Craftsmen and on-site workers

For craftsmen, Inspectly serves as a tool for easy registration by being convenient and increasing time efficiency. Every registration and inspection can be done offline on mobile devices to accommodate situations in which the worker for periods of time is not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

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