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Digital Quality Management Suite – your Digital Tool Set

At Inspectly, we aim to deliver the most user-friendly and intuitive solution for your digital quality management needs. Our solution revolves around an intricate understanding of how digital quality management can help you achieve greater results in your construction process.

Build your toolbox

Make sure you have the right tools. Build your own toolbox from our modules.

Keep in charge of the holistic process of assuring your quality is consistent and your construction lives up to the expectations of you and your customers.

Your tools are the key to a successful project.

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Photo Documentation

Through an intuitive and easily serviceable interface, you can quickly mark the registration location on your floor plan and annotate and mark-up images with a suite of editing tools.

Save time and effort by using our digital platform to centralise all your photo documentation. Through our construction app, you always have your documentation tool ready at hand.

The photo documentation module lets you document via image, text and sound.


Continuously check the quality of you work and create uniform processes. Define control quantities, deliver high, consistent quality across your project and cut down on mistakes and misunderstandings with Checklists.

The Checklists module is always combined with our photo documentation tool. That way, you can be sure that your registrations are always complete, and your documentation always correct.

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Punch Lists

Be in control of your rework. Create tasks from punch lists and inspections directly in the construction app. Support your task creation via photo documentation and checklists. Easily delegate created tasks and issues to the responsible contractor or party.

The Punch Lists module is your guarantee that your rework is done swiftly, correctly and well documented.

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