It's never been easier to document and report your construction work

Anyone can make quality registrations and reports in just a few clicks with Inspectly.

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Create professional reports with few clicks

With Inspectly, you can easily document and register your work by taking pictures, recording video, taking dictations and writing notes directly in the app. Everything is automatically journalized so you can create reports with a few clicks.

Share knowledge and information easily

Avoid scattered communication on a jumble of platforms and collect it in Inspectly. Messages can be automatically translated into 12 languages and read aloud, and you can see who has read the messages.

Manage your work with predefined checklists

Inspectly gives you the power to manage the registrations, that you need from the construction site. Make standardized checklists and plan out inspections with predefined control points on the floor plan.

Office and construction site - side by side

Experience a simpler working day with a single entry point for documentation, reporting and communication

With Inspectly, you can bring together documentation such as quality assurance and communication with the employees on the construction site in the same platform.

  • Your reports are always updated: When you register your work, the registrations are automatically journalized in Inspectly. This ensures, that you can generate updated reports with just a few clicks.
  • Use standardized checklists: Create and customize your own or use our standard checklists to ensure quality documentation.
  • Get notified when documents are updated:Select documents to automatically send a notification when they have been updated.
  • Know who is reading along: When you send out important documents to your coworkers, you can ask them to acknowledge, when they have read the document by doing a simple swipe.

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