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What our customers are saying

SolarFuture found their solution in Inspectly

 “After having searched the market for the right solution to our needs, we finally settled on Inspectly. With Inspectly’s modules, we ended up with a digital platform to optimise our processes towards easier and more effective quality assurance”

Jens Chr. Sørensen
Project Manager, SolarFuture

Your digital toolbox 

Make sure you have the right equipment 
  • Photo documentation to ensure that work is easily, effortlessly and correctly documented 
  • Digital Quality Assurance to create customisable checklists and streamline your work process 
  • Task Management to keep in control of your rework. Create snag– and punchlists as you complete your inspections 

Centralised document storage

Keep track of your documents, one place, always accessible.

Unlimited uploads

Don’t worry about storage space, work away – we’ve got you covered!

Interactive floor plans

Mark your registrations on floor plans, connect the dots and get easy overview.

Report generator

Tired of wasting time putting together reports? Generate them with one click instead.
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