Inspectly is a project manager’s perfect toolset

With upcoming legislation such as the Dutch Quality Assurance Act 2022, new obligations will require focused attention from managers of construction projects on quality assurance and documentation.

Stay on top of your Quality Assurance

Inspectly includes digital tools perfectly suited for efficiently managing the quality assurance of your projects.

To ensure that future construction projects comply with the requirements of the upcoming legislation, Inspectly offers a digital solution for project managers to stay on top of every element with an efficient quality assurance IT system. 

The system enables a full overview of ongoing tasks, lets you assign tasks to employees and contractors, and lets employees utilise the Inspectly app on the move for swift on-site documentation, even when offline. 

  • Manage and delegate tasks remotely
  • Transparent documentation and one-click reporting
  • Stay ahead of current and future legislation

Generate reports with one click 

From the Inspectly platform, it is possible to compile a report of your QA documentation with just one click. This report is easily shareable with stakeholders and clients alike. 

The QAA 2022 measures ensure more agency for clients of construction projects to request reports on the progress. With Inspectly’s swift report generation and the possibility for granting clients access to certain documents in the system, you can easily ensure that their requests for information are met.

Efficient QA for effective compliance

With the Netherlands’ Building Decree 2012 and upcoming QAA 2022 legislation, the importance of transparent documentation and quality assurance is increasingly mandatory.

With requirements such as submitting a quality declaration and the obligation of contracting an independant quality controller in construction projects, ensuring compliance with the requirements is easily done with Inspectly’s QA system. The system provides the necessary tools for completing, organising, and reporting on the documentation – and it lets you ensure that every employee is fulfilling their tasks and documenting them properly.

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