Digitalising your defect flow

In construction projects, there are most often many parties involved. Because of this, the challenge of having a complete overview of the defects, created all over the place by the project organisation, is always present. It is easy losing the complete overview in this chaotic collection of tasks if you do not have a system in place to handle and support you.

Defects with Inspectly

Inspectly has devised the perfect solution to managing these defects and helping you have the complete overview at all times.

Inspectly’s module, Punch Lists, can be applied to both smaller and larger construction projects. With the module you can register defects on-site, and potentially assign these to relevant employees right away. Defects can naturally also be documented with Inspectly’s module, Photo Documentation.

Gain a complete overview of your project in real time

As defects are identified in a project, the need for staying on top and ensuring that you have the complete overview quickly becomes evident. Which defect should go to the carpenter? And which should go to the builder? Which defects were rectified last week or during the most recent defect review? Which defects are critical, and which ones can be postponed until the high priority ones have been rectified? These are examples of questions that are easily answered with Inspectly’s module, Punch Lists. Inspectly gives you the full overview of your projects in real time.

Make your work processes more efficient with Punch Lists

If you are an advisor or client, you can choose to utilise Inspectly as the main defect management system for the entirety of the project. Inspectly supports an unlimited number of levels in the project organisation, which gives individual parties the possibility to forward the defects to subcontractors while ensuring that they are kept in the information flow as the defect is rectified, rejected, or approved.

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