Grant your employees access to important documents in inspectly

Did you know that, as a customer of Inspectly, you can give all of your employees access to important documents in the Inspectly app?
Create users and grant them access to the app – free of charge

Inspectly strives to facilitate and support communication on the Inspectly platform. Our wish is to make access to necessary information easy for you and your employees – without costing you more.

As a customer, you can therefore create users for your employees for free. The users will be without licenses, but will have access to the app. It is possible for your employees to access global documents such as workplace risk assessments, data sheets, instruction manuals etc.

Ensure access to important documents and information

Related to the work environment, it is for example possible to grant access to:

If you have the need for sharing specific project information, this can also be done by allocating an employee to the particular project. With full access, it will be possible for the employee to access the relevant documents. This could for example be:

Maintain great communication amongst employees

The system ensures traceability – you can see revisions of files and access information about when they have been altered, read and so forth. This makes it easy and simple to maintain great communication amongst your employees, and it also ensures that your employees are always able to access the most recent information.

With free access to the app for your employees, you can be sure that every individual has access to the same information and are thus working from a shared perspective.

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