Leave your work on the construction site – no need for paper work

Do you want to simplify your everyday work processes for documenting, while having the complete overview of your work at all times?

Inspectly helps our customers daily through complicated documentation process, where many are still using manual approaches with tools such as pen, paper and digital cameras. In collaboration with our customers, Inspectly has developed a digital platform which ensures that the entire process takes place digitally. This means that once you have completed a control, it is already registered in the system, and you can therefore go directly to the next control point with full focus.

124 % increase to registrations per hour

It has been documented that Inspectly on average completes twice as many registrations an hour as traditional quality control done with pen and paper.

Inspectly ensures that documentation is registered directly in the system from the employee’s mobile device – and you thus ensure correct collecting of documentation and reduce the risk of mistakes happening. Since the documentation is registered directly, you do not have to manually enter the registrations at the office at a later point. The documentation is also automatically journalised, so you can be sure that you will always find it again.

You can therefore leave your work on the construction site, as your registrations have already been done in one workflow.