Digital Quality Assurance for Landscape Gardeners

With Inspectly, you can easily carry out your quality assurance via mobile phone or tablet. All registrations are directly uploaded to your administrations system, providing you with the overview you need.

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Tailor Inspectly to fit your needs

1. Register your work

Document your work, whether through photos, checklists or predefined tasks. Documenting via our app is quick and easily incorporated into your busy daily workflow.

2. Document your process

Upload your documentation to create a thorough journal of your completed work. Systematic record keeping helps you stay in control of all aspects.

3. Compile a report

Let the system create reports for you, at the click of a button. We gather your documentation and provide you with the finished PDF-report, ready for sharing.

Set up your process

For landscape gardeners, like yourself, good process is paramount. Delivery controls, process controls and final inspections all need to be planned and carried out, and that is where Inspectly shines. The Inspectly system is split between an administration system, for the office, and an app, for your field work.

Through the administration system, you can set up and define checklists and controls. The app is then used in the field to carry out and document the work, through the checklists and photo documentation you have defined in the office. The administration system also allows you to keep an eye on the progression of your project – from start to finish, compiling and printing relevant reports along the way.

You can also let your developer or client log in through your own web-portal, enabling them to keep informed as your project progresses, without you having to do any extra work.

Easy photo documentation with Inspectly

Inspectly offers you an easy-to-use photo documentation module, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly document you work. Use images, text, and sounds to document you work and mark your location on your drawings. Once you have completed your registration, uploading it to the Inspectly server allow you to keep track of all your documentation in one place, which also allows easy editing and reporting.

Ease of use

New systems need implementation. An often overlooked, and sometimes time consuming, task. With Inspectly, you are ready to go within minutes of downloading the app. We value usability very highly, which is reflected in a system easily accessible by all the parties in your organisation.

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