central functions for the construction industry

Inspectly BASIC covers baseline functions that are tailormade to support the construction industry, while at the same time facilitating and providing the basis each of Inspectly’s modules

Inspectly basis funktioner

Baseline functions in Inspectly


Management of documents and drawings

Easily store and share documents and floorplans

With Inspectly you get a system for easy storing and sharing of both the global documents of your business as well as descriptions of procedures, safety standards, assembly instructions etc. as well as project specific documents such as floorplans.

With this, you can be sure that your employees can always access the most recent documents as well as the correct floorplan when carrying out tasks.

Inspectly digital kvalitetssikring organisationer
Inspectly Basis funktioner projektstruktur

Project structure

Define a project structure specifically for your project

In the system you can create projects and subprojects in a flexible, self-defined project structure which is specific to the individual project. The structure can be based on the physical nature of the project, i.e. defined based on building, floor, apartment etc., or based on steps/stages, such as the burying of cables over a long stretch of land.

Furthermore your floorplans and drawings are stored in your project structure. When conducting registrations, the correct floorplan is always shown, and it is thus easier for the employee to orient themselves and fulfill the task on the construction site.


Project organisation

Specify the organisation of the project in Inspectly

In Inspectly you can specify the organisation of your construction project. As contractor you can specify the client, client advisors etc., the employees of your own business, as well as subcontractors. It is possible to grant access to ProjectWeb to all external parties, and with our Punch Lists module you can delegate defect rectifications to subcontractors.

When the project organisation has been specified in the system, it can also be automatically included in your reporting so an overview of the members of the construction project is always present.

Assemble all contact information in one place

The project organisation furthermore serves as an address book in which names and contact information of the parties of the project can always be found.

Inspectly digital kvalitetssikring kontor byggeplads

Notifications and logs

Get notified about important events

Inspectly automatically logs all significant events in the system. This ensures traceability so you can always access the history of what was done, when and by whom.

Furthermore, Inspectly automatically sends out notifications to app users when a floorplan or drawing is updated in the system.

Inspectly Basis funktioner notifikationer og logs
Inspectly digital kvalitetssikring monitorer fremgangen


Easy and effective sharing of registrations

ProjectWeb is your collaboration platform for sharing information and content with the client, subcontractors, and other external parties. You can grant these parties access to, in real time, access your registrations and documentation (or parts thereof) from every module of Inspectly.

Another option for sharing content through ProjectWeb is the easy and quick exporting of your registrations and documents to reports that you can then send manually.


Layout designer

Export and print reports in one click

With minimal setup you can customise Inspectly’s layout designer to your specific aesthetic wishes (logo, colours etc.). We will help you with this setup, after which you can print your registrations and documentation throughout the project, or as one complete report, with one simple click.

Inspectly basis funktioner udskriftsdesigner

Some of Inspectly’s successful customers

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Get started with Inspectly

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Inspectly is always accessible, even offline


Automatic synchronisation keeps you updated

With Inspectly you can always conduct registrations without having to worry about being connected. If you are offline your registrations will be stored locally on your device until your connected is restored, after which the registrations will automatically be uploaded to the system.

The system also automatically downloads floorplans to your device. This ensures that you can always access the floorplans of the project and continue conducting registrations if you are working without a consistent network connection.

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