Photo Documentation

for the construction industry

With Inspectly’s flexible Photo Documentation module, it is both quick and easy to conduct ad hoc registrations through photos, audio recordings, notes, and sketches, which are then marked on floorplans and drawings.

Inspectly fotodokumentation

Your benefits with Photo Documentation

Inspectly fotodokumentation enheder

Flexible registering

An intuitive, effective, and flexible tool for registrations ideal for all types of ad hoc documentation.

Automatic journalising

Your Photo Documentation is stored safely in a project structure that you yourself define when creating your construction project in Inspectly.

Quick and easy reporting

With minimal setup you can with one click print the photo documentation of your project (or parts thereof) in professional reports.

Get more out of your documentation with Digital QA

With Digital QA you get tailormade tools to manage your registrations and incoming data – enabling you to implement quality standards for your documentation and your business.

Read more about the module Digital QA ➜

Photo Documentation – a typical flow

Inspectly fotodokumentation projektstruktur

Choose project

Choose the relevant project in the project structure

When creating a project in Inspectly, a project structure is also defined. This makes it easy for you to organise your photo documentation logically according to the project, so you are always able to instantly locate your egistrations.

Inspectly’s project structure is part of BASIC – read more


Mark on floorplan

Mark the location of the registration on a drawing

When conducting photo documentation you can mark the location of the registration on a floorplan or drawing. Alternatively, it is also possible to mark the registration on a map.

Marking the location of the registration is always optional

Inspectly fotodokumentation marker på plantegning
Inspectly fotodokumentation tag billede

Take or choose photo

Take photos or select from your camera roll

With Inspectly you can take photos directly in the app or choose ones from your camera roll, and you can upload one or more photos to the system at any time. It is also possible to mark, draw on, and insert predefined symbols on your photos if you wish.


Add information

Add additional comments, notes, audio recordings, or sketches

For a more in-depth and well documented registration, in Inspectly it is always possible to add more information to your documentation. This includes comments, notes, sketches, as well as audio recordings. With these options, as well as the system supporting Apple’s dictation feature, accessibility for the employee is improved.

Inspectly fotodokumentation tilføj information

Automatic synchronisation

The system automatically uploads your registrations

The Inspectly app is automatically synchronised with the server, ensuring your documentation is continually uploaded to and journalised in the system. If you are offline, registrations are stored locally on your device until your connection is restored. This ensures that no loss of data will occur.

Inspectly fotodokumentation tag billede

Additional features


Ubiquitous access, even offline

Floorplans are downloaded locally to your device, ensuring that access to these documents does not require constant network connection. This is especially useful in situations where registrations are being conducted in places without adequate network coverage.


Registration of GPS location

When conducting registrations, your GPS location is automatically marked on a map, ensuring it is always possible to see where the documentation was recorded. This feature can be deactivated.


Logging users and time

The system automatically registers user information and time for every instance of documenting. This ensures traceability while also making it possible for you to subsequently search and filter among your registrations.

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