Inspectly Partners with 12Build – a Dutch Procurement and Tender Management Platform  

12Build Dorthea og Torben

The two software solutions have joined hands to provide Contractors in the Construction Industry with a comprehensive toolbox that helps them win projects and deliver them in the most efficient manner with a high degree of quality assurance.

Based in the Netherlands, 12Build is a digital marketplace and process manager for procurement in the construction industry.

Serving over 750 General Contractors and a database of 533.080 Subcontractors in 4 countries, 12Build now recommends using Inspectly to digitize quality assurance, manage documentation and improve communication throughout the building process.

“12Build offers Subcontractors access to over 750 main contractors. With 12Build, your company profile is clearly visible to both new clients and people within the companies with whom you have previously worked”, says Peter Brouwer, Head of Partnerships at 12Build.

“While we help you access and bid for projects, a software like Inspectly will help ensure that the project’s documentation is properly executed – ensuring better project acceptance and saving potential costs of re-doing work”.

Conversely, Inspectly recommends 12Build to its customers to bid for new projects and manage their procurement.

“With over 10 years of experience in quality assurance in the construction industry – that is what we specialize and focus on. That said, we are interested in supporting our customers in any way we can – including ensuring that they have a steady stream of projects. Partnering with 12Build is a perfect way for us to make this happen” says Torben Kovaltsenko Jørgensen, CEO, Inspectly.

About 12Build

Project management for the construction industry

12Build is the leading project management solution for the construction industry aimed at winning construction projects. The construction industry is in our DNA. We have a deep knowledge of the construction industry and have been helping companies develop through digitisation for the past 15 years. In short, we are from the construction industry, for the construction industry.We connect you with construction partners and promote collaboration. This improves the result of your work process and 12Build helps to keep a grip on your construction project.

Main contractors use the 12Build platform to manage their construction projects during the tendering, costing and procurement phases and therefore optimise the procurement process. Subcontractors receive, manage and respond to requests for tenders for these construction projects and therefore streamline the bidding process.All in just one platform, all in just one workflow.

How to gain access to 12Build:
Click here and fill out the form and 12Build will make sure to get you off to a good start.

About Inspectly

Inspectly is a Danish software company that offers a platform and app to help Contractors in the building industry to improve their work with quality and quality assurance. Established in 2014, Inspectly employs close to 30 employees and services 750+ Contractors and Subcontractors.

Solutions include:

Digital quality assurance
Standardize your quality assurance with customizable checklists, plan inspections in advance and monitor and visualize progress.

Punch lists
A centralised and complete overview of defects and their status, ensuring a seamless workflow in your defect rectification.

Photo documentation
Conduct ad hoc registrations through photos, audio recordings, notes, and sketches, which are then marked on floorplans and drawings.

Change orders
Get a full overview of your change orders, more transparency for preventing disputes and minimize risks for economic loss.

Health, safety and environment
Reduce the risk for accidents, ensure responsible work environment development and improve employee satisfaction.

Optimize your processes for planning and documentation of inspections.

Knowledge and Communication
Ensure that knowledge and documentation is being shared to and read by employees, improve work environment efforts and reduce the space between the office and the construction site.

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