Document your work with Quality Assurance

  • Keep in control through built-in statistics on the platform
  • Standardise your working process
  • Generate Quality Assurance reports at the click of a button
  • Benchmark your progress with Control Quantities

Document the quality of your work


Keep track and streamline process


Use predefined or your own checklists


Utilitise control quantities


Documentation directly in the app

Be prepared, be proactive

With the Inspectly Quality Assurance module, you can make sure your quality is always up to snuff. Keep track of your progress, streamline your process – all with full backend integration.


Use our predefined checklists or create and adapt your own. Depending on your needs, style checklists so that your processes are captured.

Define questions and answers, support answers through photo documentation and make sure that you have exactly the quality assurance registrations you need.

Control quantities

By continuously checking the quality of your work and creating uniform work processes, you can make ensure that the projects you deliver are of a consistent, high standard. Utilising control quantities, you can define the number of controls which must be completed on your project.

With the Quality Assurance module, you can take control of your quality. Stay in the drivers seat and steer your construction work to greater things.


Photo Documentation

The Quality Assurance module also includes our Photo Documentation module to ensure you have all the tools necessary at your disposal for efficient quality assurance.

But, don’t just take our word for it.Try it yourself!
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