SolarFuture improved their quality assurance with Inspectly

SolarFuture are suppliers of environmentally friendly solar cell solutions. Since their establishment as sister company to electrical business ENCO-EL in 2014, the company has seen continuous growth. 

When a business is seeing growth similar to that of SolarFuture, it is essential to be proactive and ready for potential hurdles. In preparation for this, SolarFuture has decided to utilise Inspectly as a tool to support continuously high standards within the company’s quality assurance.

Jens Chr. Sørensen

Project Manager, SolarFuture

“After having searched the market for the right solution to our needs, we finally settled on Inspectly. With Inspectly’s modules, we ended up with a digital toolbox to optimise our processes towards easier and more effective quality assurance”


Getting started with Inspectly

One of the perks of Inspectly is that within a few hours, you will already be well on your way to utilising the system to its fullest. As part of getting started with the system, every user will work their way through the Inspectly introduction programme. This natural approach means customers do not have to set aside an entire day to get sufficiently familiar with a new system – rather, an intuitive and efficient intro experience means work can get started almost right away.

“Getting started with Inspectly has been worry-free as the system is very intuitive. The Inspectly team guided us through the introduction programme, so we are well-equipped for using the system from the very beginning”

Photo documentation, checklists and punch lists

SolarFuture decided on Inspectly because of their need for a complete system to manage and ensure that the quality of their work processes stays top-notch. Inspectly ensures this through various modules, including:

  • Photo Documentation
  • Checklists
  • Punch Lists

With Inspectly, you can document your work by snapping a picture with your smartphone or tablet, as well as create and fill out checklists and punch lists. By working with processes like these, you can be sure that the high-quality standard of your work is upheld. 

Checklists are created quickly and serve as a guideline for ensuring that on-site work is carried out by contractors in the same manner every time. With every work process being documented and once work has finished, a report with all relevant information can quickly be compiled and shared with clients and stakeholders.

Better communication in-between processes

Digital quality assurance helps you with improving communication between every involved party in each task and process. With a few clicks, you can send updates, images, request signatures and much more – and most importantly, all information is stored in the same place, so you can rest assured that no data will ever be lost.

Do you want to know more about Inspectly?

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