Punch lists for the construction industry​

With Inspectly module for punch lists, you will get a centralised and complete overview of defects and their status, ensuring a seamless workflow in your defect rectification

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Be in complete control​ of every step in the process with digital punch lists

Create and assign punch lists on-site

Identify snags, compile them into lists, and assign the tasks to contractors.

Complete and document snags

Contractors rectify defects and documentation is uploaded to the system.

Approve or decline corrections

Project managers can follow the defect rectification live in the system, as well as resolve the snag through approval.

Monitor progress and generate reports

At any step in the process, quickly export corrections and compile them into building files with one simple click.

The benefit of using Inspectly’s Punch Lists module

Complete overview of your defect management

Inspectly gives you an overview of your snags and their status, i.e. initiated, underway, awaiting approval, or declined. You can also follow the documentation live, as well as receive notifications upon status changes.

Inspectly also includes a search filter so you can narrow down snags, with filter options including by contractor or by status.

Mark tasks for easy workflows

In Inspectly, you can see registrations on lists or directly on floorplans. With a visual overview of the location of defects on the floorplan, contractors can approach the tasks more efficiently. This is especially true in larger projects, where following a generic list might result in more time spent travelling between snags than on rectifying them.

Communicate directly in the app

From both the platform and the app, it is possible to add comments to your defect tasks. This is a simple yet efficient way to convey useful information about the context. An example could be if a contractor is awaiting materials necessary for rectifying the defect, or specific information about a snag status change.

Instead of typing, Inspectly also has the option of dictating notes for improved accessibility, ease, and efficiency.

Share progress with clients in our ProjectWeb

With the Inspectly platform for project managers and the app for contractors, ProjectWeb is the access point to the system for third parties. Access is granted by the project manager, enabling the sharing of punch lists and documentation for reviews, rectification, and external approval.

Third parties are granted free access to ProjectWeb

Du kan også give bygherre og andre tredjeparter adgang til din digitale KS (eller bestemte dele deraf) i Inspectly’s ekstranet, ProjektWeb.

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