Task Management

With Task Management you get a complete overview of which rework tasks have yet to be done, been corrected, been approved and closing in on deadlines. While all your data is visualised in one place so that you can get focus on the important areas.

  • Assign tasks to your own people, or external subcontractors – all within Inspectly
  • Complete overview of your rework tasks across projects
  • Communicate directly with contractors through the App
  • Let your customer in on your progress through the ProjectWeb

Have total control of your rework


Assign task


See documentation




Generate report

Get the complete overview

Task Management lets you easily assign tasks, chat with contractors and clients alike and give you complete control of your rework tasks.

With the Task Management module, you can easily and intuitively create tasks from snaglists and inspections directly in the construction app. Easily delegate created tasks and issues to the responsible contractor or party.

Make sure they are done on time by assigning deadlines and following up on these in the administration system.

You get the complete overview, able to see which tasks are being worked on, which are ready for approval, have been approved or rejected by you.

Control your rework

With the Task Management module, you are in control of your rework.

Add subcontractors and delegate appropriate tasks to them. Keep communication regarding snags and issues on the platform, making sure it is always documented. Cut down on paperwork and save yourself time and effort.

The Task Management module is your guarantee that your rework is done swiftly, correctly and well documented. Quickly approve or reject completed rework and make sure that your quality standards are met, every time.


Combine our modules

Combining the Task Management module with our Photo Documentation module, gives you a comprehensive toolset to assign tasks, see documentation of their completion and approve the rework, on the spot. Generate reports of finished rework and document your process, with the click of a button.

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