The Wkb and its impact on Dutch construction

Here is how Inspectly helps contractors and craftsmen comply with the regulations

With the upcoming Quality Assurance Act 2022 (Wkb) in the Netherlands, the new regulation brings with it drastic changes impacting the way the Dutch construction industry operates:

Inspectly supports contractors and craftsmen in complying with requirements from clients and the Wkb. Read further for more information, and try out Inspectly in one of your projects. 

Inspectly supports the upcoming Wkb 2022

Inspectly is designed to make the distance between construction site and office as short as possible. With seamless flows between documenting work, monitoring progress, and communicating and sharing information, you are sure to make your work processes more effective and efficient.

This is how the Inspectly platforms work depending on your role:



Platform picture 1


Platform picture 2

Third parties

For the project manager

Planning your projects and monitoring progress

The planning and initial execution of projects take place at the office. The project manager ensures that the project is created in accordance with requirements set by the client as well as regulations such as the Wkb. With modules like checklists and snag lists, the project manager can guide workers to conducting registrations successfully – Inspectly’s features are customisable to suit your needs perfectly.


For the project manager

On-site registrations and documentation

As the project progresses, registrations are done continuously by workers in accordance with the QA plan and checklists created by the project manager. The project manager delegates tasks to specific workers and groups, ensuring that the QA documentation will be done properly.

After registering, documentation is stored in the central system where the project manager at the office can access and administer it. Other parties can be given access to these documents as well, such as the external quality assuror.

Share information and reports

Generating building files

With registrations and documentation at hand, the project manager can analyse the data and ensure that the QA plan is upheld.

Building files can be generated quickly with one click for simple and effective reporting on the project. These reports can be generated not just as the final step, but throughout the project if regular progress update is requested or necessary. These reports are naturally shareable with the client, customers, and other external parties.

Inspectly – one system to cover all

To make your approach to compliance with the Wkb as seamless as possible, the instrument you choose should ideally cover all four areas of features.

Integrate Inspectly with existing IT systems

If your existing ICT systems feature one or more of these elements, Inspectly is still designed for you. You can choose which of Inspectly’s modules you want to use, and with the Inspectly API, integrating the system with your existing IT systems is also possible.

No matter where you are currently standing, with Inspectly you can get started right away. With help from the Inspectly team and a free trial period for your next upcoming project, you are ready for compliance with the Wkb.

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