Use of Cookies

When you visit the website the site will put a little cookie on tour visit.

What are cookies?

Well cookies are small text files that will be placed on your devices when you visit us. But don’t be scared because cookies are a standard practice for all companies.
When we use cookies we can see which pages you visited, what video you saw, if you downloaded any content. Then we can see if our website is relevant for you or other potential customers.

What sort of cookies are there

Necassary (Technical) cookies

This little cookie makes sure that the functions and security on the website are on point. With this cookie you can view requested content and use all the functionalities on – but it keeps to itself, and do not contact Preferences or Searches.

Statistical cookies

This little cookie helps to make sure the design, usability and the efficiency of the website are on point. When we collect this cookie we will use it for analytics purposes, like simple count of how many people have visited This cookie does also not speak with Preferences or Searches.

Personalized (tracking) cookies

This little cookie is your shadow when you visit and will follow you all around the website – it is also called tracking cookie. What it tracks could be which pages you’ve seen, your entries, how much time you’ve spent on the website and so on.
The personalized part comes in form of targeted and relevant content like suggested info and ads but also auto-filled-information.

Marketing cookies

This little cookie makes sure that the ads you see are relevant for you. But how? Well, it’s based on your preferences, interests, habits and activities.
This helpful marketing cookie will follow you around on your visits on web pages and is also called a tracking cookie.

Cookies at Inspectly

Processing of your personal data

You can read about our processing of your personal data in our Privacy Statement

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you wish to update, delete, or change any personal data we process, please contact us at


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