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Let our software help you with your construction management, quality assurance and safety measures

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Document your work in just a few clicks

Anyone can make quality registrations and reports with Inspectly

On-site registration has never been easier. With our app anyone can create quality documentation with great value.

Need to report your work? Generate and download professional reports with just a few clicks.

Don't let flawed documentation ruin your schedule or reputation

With Inspectly you always have your documentation ready at hand. This can give you an edge in case of disputes and can ultimately save you a significant amount of money.

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Office and construction site - side by side

Bridge the gap between office and construction site

Keep a great overview with data in real-time

Inspectly updates data in real-time, which gives you the ability to keep a good overview of your construction projects – whether you’re on-site or in the office.

Avoid messy inboxes and spread communication

With Inspectly you get a construction management software with great features for communication.

Need to share important documents across the company? And do you want to know, whether people are reading along? We’ve got you covered. Send out a knowledge alert and receive data on who have read what.

Use your data. Increase your profits.

When you register your quality controls, inspections or punch lists, you’re creating valuable data. Why not put it to good use with Inspectly? 

Minimize mistakes and increase productivity​

In Inspectly you can pull your data from individual projects or across the board, enabling you to identify patterns in your company’s workflows.

For instance, if there are recurring errors and issues that cost extra labor and materials across projects, discover where you can intervene to avoid these mistakes in the next project.

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What is Inspectly?

Inspectly streamlines your construction business with documentation and quality assurance. See how it works:

Our solutions

Signar Hammer

Head of Projects, Kemp & Lauritzen

”It is often the case that one platform is used for ensuring quality, and another is used for observing work environment and safety. In Kemp & Lauritzen we manage both quality and HSE in Inspectly. With Inspectly it is possible for us to collect data in both areas at the same time on the same platform.”

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