We want you to have the right tools at hand, whether you need to photo document, perform Quality Assurance assignments or manage tasks. That’s why our packages can be combined to fit your needs.

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Inspectly fundamentals

Included in all packages

Interactive floorplan • Report generator • Document Management • Unlimited registrations • ProjectWeb • Free online support • Free API


Photo Documentation

  • Simple photo documentation
  • Add notes to image(s)
  • Take multiple images at once
  • Image library





  • Small package included
  • Centralized checklists
  • Link instructions to checklists
  • Validation of questions
  • Predefine control on drawings
  • Manage required check and timeline
  • Monitor progress




Snag Lists

  • Small package included
  • Assign to employees or groups
  • Created task on mobile devices
  • Manage task statuses
  • Track progress in task completion
  • Show tasks on drawing based on groups status
  • Reporting / overview




All combined

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