Change Orders

Inspectly’s new module, Change Orders for Contractors, supports your change order management throughout the process, giving you the complete overview at all times

Make your change orders more efficient

With the module for change orders, you will gain the necessary tools for making the process behind working with change orders easy and simple. The module supports your needs for gaining a complete overview, but also for journalising, dialogue, and follow-ups.

With Inspectly’s Change Orders for Contractors you get:
  • Full overview of your change orders
  • More transparency for preventing disputes
  • Minimised risks for economic loss

What you will get with Inspectly’s Change Orders for Contractors

The module is custom-made to support your needs throughout the process of managing change orders, and with it you can keep all your change orders and related communication on one central platform.

Tools for effective change order management

  • Upload your own files and other documentation and add them to the change orders (MS Excel among others)
  • Create main types of change orders and add standard documents to these so the documents are automatically included upon creating individual change orders

Complete overview of your change orders

  • Assess your change orders according to status and economy
  • Easy follow-ups due to a clear understanding of which party is required to take action

Minimised risk of economic loss

  • The change orders are approved continuously throughout the construction project, and the risk of disputes and/or economic loss is reduced.

Support for dialogue between contractor and client

  • With continuous logging of communication, you will gain more clarity over who said what and when, and the transparency is thus increased.
  • The revision system assigns version numbers to your change orders. This means that the risk of the parties disagreeing on which version of a change order is the current is minimised.

All information centralised in Inspectly

  • With ProjectWeb you can offer the other party a platform for the dialogue related to change orders. If the other party does not wish to utilise Inspectly, the platform is designed to allow you to manually upload approval from documents or emails instead. You can therefore be sure that your documentation is journalised and accessible in one place.

Easy reporting

  • Whether you want to print one or more change orders from a given project, you can do so with one click in Inspectly.

This is how the Change Orders for Contractors module works

With Change Orders for Contractors, you are ensured a complete overview of the process behind each change order. A typical process could look like this:

1. Creating

The change order is created by the contractor which includes a description as well as economic and time-related consequences of the change.

2. Sending for approval

Through Inspectly, an email is sent to the approver who chooses to approve or comment in ProjectWeb or through email

3. ProjectWeb or email/manually

If Inspectly is used, logging of the communication takes place automatically. It is otherwise logged manually by uploading emails or other documentation.

4. Dialogue

In the case that there is a need for dialogue between the parties regarding the change order, this communication is facilitated in Inspectly.

5. Revision

Following a dialogue, it might be necessary to revise the change order. This process is supported by Inspectly’s tool for revision.

6. Approval or rejection

The approver receives and can approve or reject the change order. If rejected, the change order returns to step 4 and 5 where it is revised until both parties agree and it is approved.


Full support from Team Inspectly

With Inspectly, you can get started right away. The module is easy and quick to get started with, and we will be there to guide you from the very start.

Inspectly’s helpdesk includes: 

You are naturally always welcome to contact us if you have any question – the Inspectly Team is happy to hear from you and will gladly help in any way possible. If you have any questions regarding change orders, you are welcome to read more in our blog post.

Do you want to gain complete control of your change orders?

Let us have a chat so we can find out how we can support your needs. We are always ready to advise you, and together we will find the best solution for you.


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