Digital QA


Gain a complete overview of your digital QA and standardise your quality assurance with flexible checklists in Inspectly’s Checklists

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Full flexibility and control with Checklists

Create your own checklist templates

  • Create your own checklist templates which can be attached and customised to specific project requirements
  • With checklist templates it is easy to maintain, update, and communicate quality standards across your projects and organisation

Use standard checklist templates

  • Gain access to the construction industry’s standard checklist templates in Inspectly’s checklist library, and adjust them to your needs
  • Inspectly has parnered with many of the larger employers’ associations of the construction industry
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Plan inspections in advance

Define the checkpoints of a checklist in advance

The project manager can plan inspections in advance by marking checkpoints on floorplans, and thus dictate where the inspections are conducted. This removes risks and uncertainty related to inspections, while at the same time ensuring a proper distribution that is representative for the project as a whole.

Predefined selection of replies

Utilise various predefined types of replies

Utilising the most appropriate types of replies in a given control makes inspections more intuitive for the individual. This is especially the case regarding the practical process, as it is both faster and easier for an individual to, for example, click the appropriate button for a checkpoint rather than having to fully type out the situation in text.

Being able to utilise predefined types of replies also ensures that documentation is registered in the same manner, such as a date being marked in a calendar in one registration and written in text in another.

Supplement registrations with additional info

Elaborate further with more information

In Inspectly it is always possible to add additional information to your registrations. This includes notes, photos, audio files, and further markings on floorplans and drawings.

Monitor progress

Gain a complete overview of your QA progress

With dashboards it is easy for you to monitor your checkpoints and their progress throughout the project. This enables you to correct the process if necessary, ensuring your inspections will be finished on time.

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Efficient reporting

Avoid wasting time on manual reporting

With automatic journalising of documentation in Inspectly, it is both quick and easy for you to export and print your documentation throughout the project. It is also possible for you to grant the client read-only access to your documentation (or parts thereof) through Inspectly’s extranet, ProjectWeb.